Friday, July 25, 2003

Fox News: Cyborg Chic Shades Create Specialized Vision
Sunglasses with Active Matrix LCD screen! 16bit color at 320x240.

Eyetop Products
These guys make some...

Frog Design / Motorola Offspring Wearables Concept
"Frog Design and Motorola today unveiled the "Offspring" concept design for a set of wearable devices. The individual pieces communicate via Bluetooth. A central device - the WDA - serves as the hub, and provides a wireless connection to an iDEN network. The design is only a concept at this point, although Motorola is preparing for user testing, and plans to bring a product based on the design to market within two years."

Very nice pics, that stuff looks pretty damn cool! I want it allready!

Phone Scoop - Cellphone News.

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