Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tsunami death toll hits 337 on Indonesia's Java: Red Cross

Bloomberg Reports 337 Dead
Ouch and to think not far away people are fighting wars because they don't like each other and can't get along...

Now up to 231 People Dead
And yet if you turn to CNN or Fox News, the only think you'll see them talking about is war, politics, and Bush saying "shit". Tsunami? What Tsunami?? Oh BTW, the space shuttle landed safely today too... But Bush using the S word is still somehow more important than that... damn people's priorities are screwed up these days.

Tsunami death toll hits 80 on Indonesia's Java: Red Cross (Reuters)
Reuters - A tsunami caused by a strong undersea earthquake off the south coast of Indonesia's Java island killed at least 80 people on Monday, a Red Cross official said.

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