Friday, August 17, 2007

The weather in Texas - Aug 17, 2007

Around 7:45PM

And around 11:45PM

Been raining & thundering like crazy all day and all evening. Been hearing of lots of closed roads & flooding.

My street looked like a river earlier, the water was all the way across and going over the curbs into yards. I think my Camaro which was parked on the side of the street probably has water inside it.

All the lakes, creeks, and rivers around here are already full so I don't know where all this rain is going to run off to... and they say Texas might get hit by Hurricane Dean next week... great... oh and just now the rain started picking up again as I wrote this...


Dewdrop said...

Coolness. Time for you to get back out there and chase. I expect pics... oh wait, is your camera fixed yet....?

Jason R. Hunter said...

Camera still has problems, sometimes it kinda works and it'll take video.

I'm shopping around for a new one though, kinda thinkin I want something newer & better. :)