Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tips for using the Junk E-mail filter

  1. Check your Junk E-mail Filter folder regularly: The filter captures nearly all the bogus messages that come to my mailbox, but it also often captures messages I want. In addition to missing messages from colleagues outside of Microsoft, I've missed messages from my brother and a friend. I check my Junk E-mail Folder every morning to make sure I haven't missed anything.

    Image of link to Junk E-mail filter

  2. Update the Junk E-mail Filter regularly: New updates to the filter are made available frequently. The updates refine and provide a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered spam. The further you can stay ahead of spammers, the better off you'll be. Learn how to update the junk e-mail filters.

  3. Turn off links that might link to fraudulent sites: I'd like to think I can always identify a phishing, but when I'm busy it's possible to miss some. I find it best to set up the filter to turn off links that are in suspicious e-mails and go to the Junk E-mail folder. If the filter considers a message suspicious, the format of the message is changed to plain text and the links in the message are disabled. Learn more how to block or unblock links in suspicious phishing messages.

    Image of Junk E-mail Options dialog box

  4. Set filters to High: You have four options for the spam protection you want—No Automatic Filtering, Low, High, and Safe Lists Only. By default the junk e-mail filter is set to low. Low works fine, but I like all the protection I can get and set it at high. It captures more spam and makes me feel more confident in the mail in my Inbox. Learn how to change the junk e-mail filter options.

    Image of Junk E-mail Options dialog box

This tip was created by the Jason Kozleski of Microsoft's Tip Talk.

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Actually if you must use Outlook, I highly recommend Cloudmark's Desktop antispam solution, it works so well for me I've been a paid user of it for over a year now. Though I don't really need it as much now, since I mainly use GMail which I never receive any spam at...

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